Sainte Devote Corner

Sainte Devote Corner

Sainte Devote Corner

The Jewel of Monaco’s Grand Prix Legacy

The Sainte Devote Corner is more than just a turn on the Monaco circuit; it’s an icon of Formula 1, a test of bravery for the drivers, and a spectacle for the fans. Every year, the Monaco Grand Prix is synonymous with luxury, prestige, and competition at its highest level, with the Sainte Devote Corner being its jewel.

The Crucible of Monaco’s Grand Prix

Located just after the start line, the Sainte Devote Corner is the first challenge that drivers must face on the Monaco circuit. It’s a tight right-hand turn, bordered by barriers that forgive no mistake. Its strategic position makes it one of the best spots for overtaking attempts right from the beginning of the race. However, its narrowness and complexity also make it the scene of many incidents. Clashes at the exit of the turn can quickly lead to chaotic situations, significantly impacting the course of the race.

Sainte Devote CornerHistorically, the Sainte Devote Corner is named after the Patron Saint of Monaco, adding a cultural and spiritual dimension to this part of the circuit. Aware of the importance of this turn, drivers approach the Sainte Devote Corner with a mix of respect and determination, knowing that a good execution can be decisive for the rest of their race.

The challenge of the Sainte Devote Corner is not only in its technical layout. The psychological pressure is immense. At the start of the race, with all drivers looking to gain positions, the first pass through the Sainte Devote Corner is a key moment where concentration and precision are essential. Drivers must perfectly judge their braking and trajectory to avoid getting caught in the barriers or in a collision with a competitor.

Mastering Sainte Devote

The Key to Victory at Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix is known for its difficulty in overtaking, making every opportunity precious. The Sainte Devote Corner is one of the rare chances where drivers can try to gain an advantage over their rivals. This makes the turn not only crucial for race strategy but also extremely exciting to watch for fans. Supporters gathered around the Sainte Devote Corner witness bold maneuvers and the art of driving in its purest form.

Furthermore, the Sainte Devote Corner symbolizes the spirit of the Monaco Grand Prix. It encapsulates the unique combination of technique, courage, and luxury that defines this legendary race. Drivers who succeed at the Sainte Devote Corner etch their names into Monaco’s history, joining an elite list of champions who have mastered this iconic turn.

Memorable Moments at Sainte Devote Corner

Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost (1980s and early 1990s): The duels between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost have become legendary in F1, and the Sainte Devote Corner was often a key point in their battles. Senna, in particular, demonstrated exceptional mastery around the streets of Monaco, using the tight corners to his advantage to create insurmountable distances, especially at the Sainte Devote Corner.

Damon Hill (1996): The 1996 Monaco Grand Prix is often cited as one of the most unpredictable races in F1 history. Under pouring rain, Damon Hill dominated much of the race before retiring due to a mechanical issue. However, the Sainte Devote Corner was crucial for navigating successfully in the difficult conditions, with Hill demonstrating remarkable caution and technique in this turn.

Jenson Button (2003): Jenson Button, driving for BAR-Honda, delivered an impressive performance during the qualifications for the 2003 Monaco Grand Prix, partly thanks to his excellent handling of the Sainte Devote Corner. His ability to maintain speed while navigating the tight turn was a highlight, showcasing the importance of precision in this section of the circuit.

Nico Rosberg (2013, 2014, 2015): Nico Rosberg, a Monaco native, achieved three consecutive victories at the Monaco Grand Prix, each time mastering the Sainte Devote Corner right from the start. His intimate knowledge of the circuit and his excellent handling of the tight turns allowed him to gain an advantage over his competitors from the early moments of the race.

Max Verstappen (2018): During the free practice sessions of the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix, Max Verstappen experienced a memorable incident at the Sainte Devote Corner, damaging his car against the barriers. This not only highlighted the technical challenges of the turn but also the extremely low margin for error for drivers on this demanding circuit.

The Sainte Devote Corner continues to be a critical point of the Monaco Grand Prix, where skill, strategy, and sometimes luck meet. Whether for seasoned drivers using their experience to skillfully negotiate this turn or for young talents learning the ropes of the circuit, the Sainte Devote Corner represents a unique blend of challenge and opportunity. It captures the essence of Formula 1: the constant quest for excellence, precision, and bravery, making each pass a moment to anticipate for fans and a test for drivers.


The Sainte Devote Corner is not just a turn; it’s a test of strength, a spectacle, and a central element of the Monaco Grand Prix’s identity. Its reputation is well-deserved, making each pass a captivating moment, whether for drivers in search of glory or for fans awaiting action. Year after year, the Sainte Devote Corner remains at the heart of one of the most prestigious and exciting races in the world of Formula 1.

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