F1 Circuit Of Monaco

2024 F1 Monaco Grand Prix Circuit : The best Seats

Circuit Monaco Grand Prix

Best Seating Options to Help You Decide:

Grandstand K: Offers the best visibility with a stunning view of the entire circuit. The only drawback is that it doesn’t offer catering services.

Steak’n Shake: This is the perfect spot for witnessing thrilling overtaking moments, as it’s one of the few places on the track where drivers can pass each other. You’ll be right in the heart of the action throughout the circuit.

Planet Sushi: Another top choice, it provides an excellent view of the race start, allowing you to capture incredible shots of the high-speed machines. Moreover, you’ll get to witness the post-race celebrations, including the winners’ podium. Plus, you’ll be in a prime hospitality area, well-placed and enjoying delicious sushi from one of Monaco’s finest restaurants.

Our Yacht Pole Position: Located near the new chicane, it offers a pole position view of a turn close to the new chicane. This guarantees you’ll stay informed about the race standings. It’s also where drivers often push their limits, making it an exciting spot. Besides the view and unmatched yacht ambiance, you’ll feel pampered by your luxurious choice.

Monaco Grand Prix: The Ultimate Test of Driving Skills in Formula 1

The Monaco Circuit guarantees the most spectacular show, here’s why it’s the best in the world


The Circuit de Monaco stands as the ultimate litmus test for the prowess of Formula 1 drivers. It boasts an extraordinary blend of challenges, featuring both the slowest and the fastest corners in the entire Formula 1 calendar. While some circuits see cars hurtling at breakneck speeds, Monaco forces them to navigate at a mere 50 km/h in its slowest section, and then unleash the full might of their engines at 260 km/h in its quickest segment.

What sets Monaco apart is its extraordinary demand for precision and skill. Unlike many other F1 tracks, here, the average speed remains remarkably low. Drivers find themselves in an unyielding dance with the Armco barriers that line the circuit, leaving them with absolutely no room for error. Each lap becomes a high-stakes gamble where the slightest misstep could lead to disaster.

The Grand Prix of Monaco, without a doubt, reigns as the most classic and coveted race on the Formula One World Championship calendar. It’s the race that teams and drivers yearn to triumph in above all others, a symbol of excellence and prestige.

Monaco’s unique character lies in the pivotal role it assigns to the driver, often overshadowing the sheer power of their machines. The track’s narrow and perilous nature renders overtaking nearly impossible, elevating the importance of qualifying to paramount status. The sole opportunity for a daring pass presents itself at turn 1, Sainte Devote, a precious moment where a bit of run-off area offers a glimmer of hope. Even then, drivers often find themselves compelled to utilize the escape road to stay in the race. Another slim chance for overtaking arises in the Nouvelle Chicane, following the famous tunnel section, where applying pressure on the leading driver can coax a costly mistake.

In terms of setup, Monaco throws another curveball, necessitating a softer configuration than the norm and maximizing downforce to maintain control and grip through its intricate twists and turns. It’s a track that demands not only exceptional driving skill but also unwavering focus and precision, making it a true jewel in the Formula 1 crown.