Biggest Changes in F1 Cars for 2022


Are you counting down the days until the new F1 season? If so, you should know all the F1 car changes in 2022.

Last year was one of the most popular and exciting seasons in F1 history. In the UK, 7.4 million people watched the final lap between Verstappen and Hamilton. And next season promises to be even more exciting.

The game-changing 2022 F1 car is designed to promote more promising racing. With 4 years of careful planning and creative ideas, that’s what they managed to do.

So, if you’re ready to learn about the changes, it’s lights out, and away we go!

F1 2022 Wheels

For decades, F1 used a 13-inch wheel. But in 2022, They’re switching to a chunky 18-inch wheel. Pirelli says this will help with overheating issues that drivers complained about recently.

The size is new to Formula 1, but it’s also the first time cars will have low-profile tires. Wheel covers are added to these tires to help reduce turbulence. This allows the chasing car to hunt down the leading car for longer and harder.

If you’re hoping to attend a race this season, you’re guaranteed a race packed with overtakes!

Front and Rear Wings

The development of the front and rear wings is arguably the biggest improvement to the 2022 F1 car.

It’s said that F1 cars currently lose up to 50% grip and downforce when following another car on the track. On the straights, you get a slipstream. But in the corners, the dirty air from the car ahead affects the handling and steering.

To get around this, the new rear wing is shaped to push dirty air up and away from the trailing car. That brings the loss of downforce down from 46% to 18% when traveling 10 meters behind a car.

Aero Tunnels

F1 cars have been using flat floors for many years. But in 2022, things are changing.

Aero tunnels are being built into the floor. This allows high pressure to pass over the car and low pressure to pass under. In return, this gives the F1 car lots of underfloor downforces.

This shows how good the F1 car’s technological advancement has been over the past 4 years.


Biggest Changes in F1 Cars for 2022



To make F1 cars safer in 2022, they made them longer and heavier. The minimum weight of a car rose from 752kg to 790kg.

The front and rear ends need to be able to withstand 15% more energy in a crash. And the chassis needs to withstand 48% energy.

Power units have to separate from the chassis without revealing the fuel tank. This idea was introduced after Grosjean’s horrific crash in 2020.

Sustainable Fuels

Ever since the turbo-hybrid era started in 2014, F1 is trying to make the sport as eco-friendly as possible. Before this period, cars used V8 engines, but now they use V6 power units to reduce carbon emissions.

In 2022, F1 is stepping up their game again. Cars will now run on a fuel called E10. It gets its name for containing only 10% ethanol.

This fuel is very eco-friendly. But F1 will continue to research and develop until they find a fully sustainable fuel.

Be Excited About the F1 Car Changes in 2022

2021 was one of the most exciting seasons in recent history. It was exciting because of the competitive battles throughout the grid.

And the F1 car changes in 2022 mean the racing this year will be even more competitive!

Book your tickets today to make sure you don’t miss out on the action of this season’s F1 championship!


Biggest Changes in F1 Cars for 2022

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